Founded in 2007, Aero AB is Polish company specialised mainly in crop packaging.

We are experts in the field of bale wrapping delivering professional solutions to our clients around the world from New Zealand to Chile, providing a genuine packaging for forage which works in all climate conditions.

Since the beginning we focus on export markets which volume reach 95% of total sales in 2019. We strongly believe that our products can match customers requirements all around the world and some materials can be custom made for their needs.

By our company’s key values: knowledge and experience we are helping our customers to grow their business to build a common success for the whole industry.

Basing on the experience from the agriculture side and knowledge of industrial balers we created eco-friendly industrial solutions like waste wrapping film – WasterWrap and reduced shrink film – Evolue Ultra.

Our 13 years’ experience in agri bale wrapping combined with latest development in polymer sector creates a modern silage wrap.
Welcome in our world.