Aero Net Superheavy our new generation bale net. Top efficiency product due to its unique linear strengths we can now apply up 25% less layers comparing to the common bale net products

• High linear strength -up to 320 kg/m
• Optimum elisticity
• Less layers on bale = the same effect
• New technology – reduced thickness – longest rolls in the market
• High elongation
• Better shape of bale – extra coverage from one edge to another – providing better forage
• End roll 50 m mark
• Timesaver – up to 4.6 km on the roll
• Tested worldwide, from South Chile to New Zealand, available in Normal and High UV version, makes Aero Net Superheavy a flexible solution for round bales for almost every condition
• Good experience in heavy duty bales – up to 1500 kg

Widths: 850 mm – 1650 mm
Lengths: 2000 m – 4600 m