WasteWrap – industrial bale wrap film for waste management sector.

• Environmentally-friendly,
• produced using cleaned, recycled silage wrap film
• created just for waste management needs
• for both – square and round bales
• economical solution at the same time ensuring stable quality of product
• environmental tax free – 100% recyclable material
• High elasticity thanks to the special additives – prevents better each bale from liquid and odour leakage especially in square type of bales.
• New double glue system base on high PIB additives helps the process of storage of bales
• Available in eco-white (beige), eco-green and black colours
• Stabilized UV for 12 months
• can be roll on paper, wax-paper or plastic core

Standard thickness: 22 or 25 mic
Widths: 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm
Length: up to 2500 m on each roll – depending on customers’ needs

WasteWrap can be custom made depending on tac volume needed in specific climate conditions